Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-22 22:28:02 (UTC)

A Quick Lustful Entry

Since Leon is a "wait til marriage" I don't need to suck his dick in order to prove my love as with other guys, which I'm fine with doing. I'd really like to suck one some day, just to know the feel of one, to know the taste of one. I'd want a big girth-y one, something that I'd need to work on and stretch out in order to get down my soft warm throat. I'd relish the chance to make a man moan, I hear it can't be too hard. Not sure if a clean or slobbery blowjob is better, but I will keep my head down and my butt up. He can use me anyway he wants too as long as his dick is deep in my throat. I just need the love of a man's penis. I see anal and it doesn't seem bad but vaginal sex I'm not too much of a fan. I'm all about blowjobs though. I'm okay with vaginal if it means there's one in each hand and hole. I love the look of things being shoved in people, got a phone? put it up her ass! got food? shove it in her pussy! got a free hand? shove it down her throat! I also love forced play, rub and tease me in public too I don't care. I love being a little pet. I can be a slave, I can follow your commands. I'd also like to know the feeling of getting cum deep in the throat. Hopefully Leon will show me some day.

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