Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-22 22:00:25 (UTC)

I'm A Liar

Dear diary

Why do I lie so much? Every day I think of a lie to tell online, there's been times where I thought of lying to Leon, my boyfriend. For what purpose would it serve to tell someone something that never happened? I even thought of lying in the diary! If Leon asks me something I'd be 100% honest, the lies I'm talking about is story telling. I guess I do it to start a conversation, because I'm really bored. I've been telling Leon that I love him every day. I wonder if he will ever get tired of hearing those words. I don't want them to be meaningless but I want him to know that I still love him this day. I tell so many lies that I'm not sure if I have told Leon a lie. He is the one man I avoid lying to. I want Leon to trust every word. I'm really happy he's not one of those "but will you love me the next day?" type, I hated it when I'm asked that question. I guess I have a hard time making that sort of promise, also when you are asked that it feels like they don't accept your love which really makes it harder to say, "yes, I will love you the next day" and even months beyond. Leon.... when I say that I love you, I genuinely, deep down, fully mean that I truly love you, and that is not a lie. never is, never was, never will be.

Until next time! This is Nala Toph!

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