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me and my life
2018-12-22 16:36:18 (UTC)

Emotional rush

Today I am feeling very emotional, I don't know why. I feel like shedding a tear. I felt emotional when I visited temple to thank him and be with me and family like he is always. I fely emotional to see my mother struggling still with the same situation since many years. I felt emotional to look at my father and I felt bad for not having a good relationship with him, i wish he was good to us, I wish he loved cared for us and understood how important family and relations are. He does get love care but would have been extra if he was good. I feel bad for having such father in my life I don't know why is it so in this life but I am sure my kids will have a good amazing father. I pray for my sis may she be blessed with a baby asap. I feel emotional for monku that how hard he works and gives so much of self for others.
God I thank you for everything in life be with us as you have been unknowingly.
I love you god. My 100 bows to you !!