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2018-12-20 19:05:40 (UTC)

Tested today on my recovery

So today, my friend had to make a detour after we went to lunch. He passed by a place that my ex gf took me to for our birthday last year. As he was getting there, I was thinking oh oh. Will this fuck me up in my head? It was a nice massage place and we did a his and hers massage for our birthday. It was a classy place so not what you'd think. Well, I was worried I may breakdown with something that was still so strong in my head.

As we got near, I was worried how I'd react. Well, instead of the full on breakdown, I felt a tinge of anxiety instead. It wasn't reactionless at all so I know I'm not out of the woods regarding this breakup recovery by no means. However, it did only hit me at 20% power. I think now that I'm smarter, and with time passing by, along with my effort to heal, I did pretty good.

Of course after work, I went to my crossfit class and just to make sure I can sleep well tonight, I put in all my effort. I went for total exhaustion and when I felt that, I sucked it up put in a little more effort. I was a beast in the gym tonight!! :) I was still in pain from the previous days workouts but we were working on other parts of our body so I just manned up and did it.. Tomorrow is called booty Friday. We'll be working on our butt muscles of course along with quads, hamstrings, calves, and probably some core.

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