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2018-12-20 07:21:18 (UTC)

Santa you decide...

Listening to: Break In - Halestorm

Put your lighter in the air and lead me back home
When it's all said and done I'll follow the echoes
I hear you night after night calling out my name
And I find myself running to meet you
I didn't want to escape
From the bricks that I laid down
*love this song, makes great car karoke! (Don't ask me how I know!)

Good Morning :)

I am a bit sleepy..Slept well with the help of a sleeping pill . (if you read my entries and know my routine, sing along to what I am about to say haha) I woke at 5 and hit the gym til 630, home, showered, and tea...Did it surprise anyone? didn't think so lol.

Last night was a good evening. It's the first time I haven't "looked" for things..Just enjoyed my evening and had a long talk to my daughter then she disappeared to her room and I spent the rest texting and talking to my friends. I was in bed by 10ish. Some minor changes to my plans today but for the good. I am going to hit the mall first thing and get my shopping done first. I made a list of things I need so hopefully I don't go too much more crazy lol. I still can't get excited for Christmas despite it being my favorite time of year.. I believe I was a good girl so hopefully I made the nice list....although..depends who you ask lol. May just get coal! lol Santa you could go either way lol.

I will be childless again this weekend, til Sunday.. What a social little butterfly she's being lately lol. Well she's spending it with family so I don't mind so much. I miss her when shes gone however. Well hair and makeup time and oh, yesterday..the vanity gods were with me..fingers crossed for day 3! now I am pushing my luck lol.

Have a good day everyone!

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