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2018-12-19 16:59:00 (UTC)

Interesting day

I had a very interesting day at work today. One of our patrons had a massive seizure. I.. knowing far too much about epilepsy and having dealt with thousands of seizures in my life (not my own) was called to the situation while the paramedics were dispatched. When I arrived, the man was in full tonic clonic seizure, He was banging His head off a step. I carefully pulled Him from the step and placed my hand behind his head. There was my boss there, the general GM and a coworker and the man's friend. Each throwing in advice, advice that goes against all treatment of tending to someone with epilepsy. I continued on doing what I know to do. Explaining why I am doing it like I am. Dispelling the myths they can swallow their tongues. I timed the seizure and in my presence it went on 2.5 minutes. 90 seconds is the average, safe length of a seizure, once you hit the 3-5 minute mark, damage can happen internally. I asked his friend how long the seizure had gone on before we arrived and he stated about a minute. So 3.5 minutes.. At this point He started to come around. I began speaking to him and making sure he was coherent. He attempted to sit up but I asked him to please stay as is until paramedics arrived, just as I stated that, they arrived.. as I moved my hand away from the back of his head when the paramedic replaced it with his..there was blood on my hand from his head where he had hit it. I filled the paramedic in as much as possible and they took him away. I went back to work and a few moments my boss and GM joined me. They asked if I was ok.. I was.. I was not upset. I know what to only concern is him and hoping his head was ok. My Gm said "go home, take the day, paid, you deserve it"...this was only 90 minutes into my shift. I said I was ok, did not need to but she said "we are slow..go, you deserve it..thank you so much for stepping in" and hugged me. I felt appreciated. It felt good.. I only hope he is ok.. My boss said he would text me with an update if he heard one.
I ran to the grocery store then came home and plopped down on my computer and worked on my submissive journal and researched a crap-ton of stuff. I really felt a personal growth in reading this. I realized so many places and ways I made mistakes. The writings I have made in there would not have come from me a month ago, let alone a week ago. This past week I have had far too much time on my hands to reflect and think and figure out why I did the things I did wrong, why my Sir did things the way He did. I documented all my wrong doings and how I will handle them in my submission in the future. I wrote down the importance of each and every one and the lessons I learned and how to apply them in the future. The things I took for granted and the things I never showed appreciation for. I think I have made big strides in becoming better as a submissive and as a woman. Learning is forever. I only wish my former could see my writings. See how hard I am trying to be a better submissive. How I am improving myself. No this isn't to win him back. It's to improve me and learn from my mistakes. I have done a lot of writing and a lot of reading and research these past few days but my thinking and learning went back to a week and a half ago. I want to be a better submissive.
I am just waiting on dinner to finish cooking..don't know if I will eat tonight, again..not hungry.. I had a cookie today..I know..go me! lol. Just really not hungry. I still think of him and tear up I miss him more than I would miss my next breath. I wish he missed me but I know I can't sit in idle. I need to move forward and I am. I've made strides forward both personally and in my lifestyle as a submissive.
Think tonight calls for another hot bath and relaxation. Tomorrow I am off so will finish up the last few Christmas gifts and hit the gym first. I am having lunch with my girlfriend Tara. Oh, I found out the Vegas trip is postponed.. Her family was going to surprise her and show up but in her telling them she was going. They had to tell her they bought the tickets. I told her to postpone.. Honestly I am glad. Sin City, I can't imagine not coming back with either a hangover, or regrets. Either way.. I just don't want to go. So I am ok with "postponing" it.
Well off to serve up dinner and run my bath, perhaps I will do more research as I soak, good idea!
Have a wonderful evening.