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2018-12-19 17:30:06 (UTC)

Job update

New job is good. I am lucky to get job in Tata but my cribbing is never ending. It is life that you have challenges in all phase of life, ya mine little extra thats other thing.
Job is good but traveling sucks, boss big time sucks. Its been just a week and he is expecting too much from me.
He calls me up for after office that i dnt intimate him before leaving, i mean cmon what stupidity is this. Also he makes his colleagues sit for long today i sat for 10 hrs thats bad yaar.. donno how long is this going to happen... Accha mila tho aisa.
Phew but ill fight i need money and have to look after my parents.
Dad is unwell
Mom is same running after him and tc of him
Sis is into yoga
V is same job.