Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-19 03:42:37 (UTC)


Dear diary,

Where do I even start? They always say start from the beginning but when was it? I feel like stuff has been dramatic but when I sit down and review my day in this diary I feel like nothing is happening. Today I lost a friend, I never really talked to the guy but he was nice. He felt uncomfortable talking to me, truth is he met me during a rough patch. I don't understand why I get like this, I make friends so easily and I lose them quickly. So much to the point were you think I’d be used to it. I just can’t handle brake ups. Even though we didn’t have a tight relationship I still feel sad. Hopefully my ADHD will kick in and take me from this humble feeling, or when Leon reads this we'll talk more in depth or we would leave to subject alone, I could go either way. I didn't share my last journal entry with him, he was asleep and it's way to depressing, well not really just dark and disturbing on most accounts.

Until next time! This is Nala Toph!

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