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2018-12-18 17:57:54 (UTC)

Be a Pineapple

When she laughed, she was beautiful
She was beautiful when she cried but,
When she was determined, she was sexy as hell.

Be a Pineapple **(this one has always been a personal favorite)
Stand tall
Wear a crown
And be sweet on the inside.

If your life just got a little harder,
It probably means you just leveled up.

Love theses quotes..

Today was a better day than yesterday, yesterday I was barely functioning but today I was out for a good portion of it. For yesterday being a waste of makeup because of all the tears, the gods were with me today and my makeup and hair were on point. Felt good..I came home and got back into my comfies, took my makeup off and now sitting with a face mask on, attractive eh? lol My skin is so dry in the winter. I need to slather myself daily in lotions and creams.

I managed to eat tonight. Today I felt no appetite, I think because I am still feeling so emotionally off, my tummy just couldn't tolerate food. I managed a bit of soup tonight and today I had a coffee and a few teas. I think after I write this.. I am going to soak in a hot bath with a lush bath bomb and a tea. My body still aches. I also started back therapy today. I saw my shrink for an hour today, felt good.. I needed to get back at it. I am continuing and for now, once a week.. I also have been doing some reading on the topic I mentioned this morning. I just need to create the new journal I need to. Tomorrow I work.. I am kinda looking forward to it. I been off too long. I need normalcy in my life. I need routine and structure. I tend to overthink when I am idle. Which I know is one of my biggest downfalls.. My mind can be my worst enemy at times. I can also be very impulsive to react. Something I need to work on. I talked with my shrink today about things I want to work on, to improve, for myself. A focus for me this coming year. I also booked an appointment for a pedicure for Thursday, looking forward to it.

Well, going to go run my bath and make my tea..

Have a wonderful evening!

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