Canadian Cutie

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2018-12-18 08:58:28 (UTC)

Be who you are to others.. to yourself

I woke at 5am and hit the gym, a little bit of my headache lingered and I popped a few Tylenol before I set off..thankfully it's subsiding now. I worked out til 7am and came home, showered and as usual, my morning tea. I am down 2 pounds but I know its because I have not eaten. I will make an effort to eat today. I slept heavy, I took 2 sleeping pills last night because again my mind was racing, within 20 minutes I was feeling loopy and went to bed and thankfully passed right out. Yesterday was brutal. Worst day I have had in many years.. I think we all need days like that to appreciate the better days.
I did a lot of thinking while I was working out.. I went into my journal this morning and deleted a few entries where I wrote things in anger. There's always 2 sides to every story and here it's only mine. So I deleted any that were one sided. I have decided to focus on the good in my life. I am going to find positive in everything. There will be bad days and I will handle those as they arrive but something my best friend said to me last night.. "you are such a positive happy person, people love being around you, despite your pain this past week you made a huge difference in many lives this Christmas (if you are curious, read the entry "near and dear to my heart") and everyday, you are such a caring person, be who you are to yourself what you are to everyone else" It kind of hit home. I need to accept I made mistakes and correct them where I can and learn from this point on. I also decided to focus on becoming a better submissive..for myself and for the one who will own me. I decided to do some research and do some writings on what I have learned and where to improve. I am going to open a new journal here, privately and write. I will still write here just as much, just my submission journal will be private for myself and eventually the one who I submit to. I know I have areas to improve and lately I have seen areas I realize I don't know it all. Hopefully this will help me in my journey as well as a woman.
Well, I am heading to do my hair and makeup, have a few things to do today.
Have a wonderful day all.