Experienced Life
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2018-12-18 06:16:27 (UTC)

Hoping threes a charm

I'm thinking back and I recall that some events would either be a fun event or a memory recall of the past. I was worried about Thanksgiving but instead, I created great memories with my friends. I was worried a little about the past coming up on my birthday but I instead had way too much fun once again with my buddies. Now Christmas is coming around the corner. Hope I can keep up with carving out new memories instead of putting myself back into the past wasting my time and maybe even putting myself in pain from past memories with my ex.

Trying to put my life forward as Christmas is coming around the corner. I want to go on with my life and I'm trying my best. I know it's not supposed to be about my past. I'm trying to welcome in the new and going towards the new year. Focusing on friends that I have and new friends that may be in my future. I don't want to suffer and recall the past. Why would I want that? It's wasting my time. I should focus on what I can do now. The new year is coming too. I should be looking into the future.