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2018-12-17 23:40:32 (UTC)

The gym couldn't happen soon enough

God dang it!!! Last time I was at the gym was last Saturday. I was just away for two days and I already am going bonkers. Again, whomever is reading this, the gym is your saving grace from going nuts. Specifically going to a crossfit class. The stress can get to you. Running around and going all out at a crossfit class keeps you sane. That's all I'm saying. Not drugs. Not alcohol. Not anything drug wise. Just plain old working out till you run out of gas!

WTF is going on anyway? I'm just trying to keep my sanity. Trying to do the right things. Trying to not go nuts about my breakup. Trying to keep my freaking 108 K a year job. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!!!!!!