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2018-12-17 10:40:04 (UTC)

The letter I'll never send

I managed to get through the appointment and feeling bit better in that area. I am home now for the day. I had other things to do but I just can't manage. I did manage to do the things I mentioned in this mornings journal about the websites I needed to hide his profile It hurt so badly. I cried. It's such a crappy day out, gloomy and cold so I am staying in and doing things around here. I am beyond exhausted both physically and emotionally. I made a big dinner yesterday but didn't eat any. Nor anything else yesterday and now today. I just can't stomach food at the moment. My head is pounding. I've taken Tylenol, hopefully helps.. I have been crying off and on all morning. My puppy doesn't react well when I cry, He has to be on me..trying to figure out why and doing what he can to help. Knowing I am hated is such a reminder of growing up with a mentally ill mother who hated me. From birth, til her death.. She tortured me making sure I knew she hated me. Now knowing he hates me is very similar in pain. I live every day to be a good person and make people happy. If two of the people I have loved most in my life hate me..maybe I am not as good a person as I thought. I do try but I have faults. I am glad nobody is home. I don't have to pretend I am ok for awhile.

I decided to write a final letter to him.. I am not sending it to him and I am certain he doesn't read here anymore, especially after this weekend. I am writing this for I can put my feelings out there without disturbing him any further. Anyways.... To anyone reading this, please don't send judgemental emails to me..nobody knows the love we had, only we understood it.

I am typing through a stream of tears and I really don't have a goodbye planned. I never really did.. I never thought we would end and the email I sent when I left..was full of hurt and anger from my inability to get you to see how I was feeling. How I was suffering. I really thought we were invincible. We were soulmates. We said it numerous times. You were my best friend, my strength, my confidant, the love of my life. You were there through milestones in my life this past year. You supported me and gave me strength to get through anything I had to face and shared the joy with me through happier times. I turned to you in every aspect of my life and you were the one I wanted to turn to. Our relationship was never flawless..we had our issues...because our intensity and connection were off the charts. We had so many laughs and so many tears but I really never imagined my one true Dominant and the man I loved more than any other in my life wouldnt be my forever.. This isn't the way it's supposed to be. It was ALWAYS supposed to be you, from the moment we met. This is why this hurts so much. This isn't the way our life was written to be. I slipped in my submission so much at times and I know there were times it seemed non-existent. When I was sick, you were sick or we had really stressful issues but it hadn't..despite the issues we were facing, I never had a doubt for a moment who owned me. I never for a moment didn't feel submissive towards you. That never once faded, as you said it had the past two months. My stories you....they did.. I was working on a huge Christmas gift for you. It took a ton of time and lots of creativity and effort and not a day went by I didn't work on it, sometimes til 1-2am..... I shouldn't have taken the time you granted, I should have just worked on my stories and sent them but I was so worried I would not finish by Christmas. I worked on the story you knew I was..but such effort was going to my Christmas gift.. because I wanted you to know how loved you were..Maybe had I told you, you wouldn't have seen it as my submission slipping. I wanted it to be a surprise. It backfired on me. I put 110% of me in every task, every assignment I had even if it was beyond my comfort level. I took my submission seriously. I thrived on being owned by you. Now, I am lost. I am so sorry you felt it slipped and I did nothing to prevent that :( I am also sorry the way it ended.. I tried that whole week to talk to you. You just didn't want to talk about it. I get have a stressful life. I shouldn't add to it..But my feelings are important.. I tried SO hard to talk before I just broke. I needed my Dom..He had a way of yanking me back into place with mere words. He could put me into such a submissive state, unlike anyone ever has. I needed that. I needed Him. I needed him to hear me, validate me and then put me back on my path. I know I was sick with pneumonia for awhile and you lightened our ds to take stress off me but in all honesty, I wish I hadnt that's a detriment to our relationship, the type of man you are, the Ds has to be front and center at all times. I feel more secure when it's always in front. After this weekend.. it's the first day I don't feel "owned" anymore and jesus it's a drop unlike any other. I wish I hadn't sent that email. I truly do..I wish we could fix this and find us again and keep us on path but I know you are done, I know you hate me. Probably more than you hate your "roomie"... I don't blame you. I don't think too highly of myself and this pain is brutal. I made a mistake. I should have found another way to get my feelings heard. I thought you ignored the email from the Friday before and I felt disregarded, now I know you didn't see it and it makes me feel all the worse. I can't fix it..
I am sorry I never got to send the Christmas gift, you never got to see would have known how deeply my love and submission was.. It took me 2 months to work on. I put my heart and soul into it. Please just know my submission never wavered, I always felt submissive to you and owned by you. I hope whomever replaces me as your submissive.. She's all I couldn't be..and more. You deserve it. I'll miss you..and us.. and I will miss the submissive I was becoming under your guidance. You were my one true Dominant and my one and only soulmate

Love always and forever

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