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2018-12-16 18:29:14 (UTC)

Near and dear

Listening to: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
It was a relatively good day but extremely busy. I prefer it that way for now. Keeps my mind occupied. Today I did a full day of something I find near and dear to my heart..Helping others... I had two garbage bags of clothing I had to donate to the women's abuse shelter. As well, I made little mugs with a package of hot cocoa, little beauty essentials and wrapped them in cellophane with a little ribbon for the women at the shelter (I had to call before I made them to see if it was allowed, it was and they gave me a count of how many are in there) so my first stop was there. Then I took my gifts to the drop off for the Angel Tree donations.. I drew 7 names this year and bought for them on Saturday. I wanted to get those in before it was too late. I heard on the radio today they were really short for the "tween drive" so I was passing the mall so I stopped in and bought a few more things and dropped them off.. FInal drop was to the animal shelter here.. I had coupons to buy one get one on large dog foods..Not the type mine eat..So I bought two and got two. I saw two dog pillows on clearance so I grabbed them and a bag of cat food, so I dropped them off today too. It's not much but I hurt knowing some won't have anything under the tree at Christmas. I hope it makes someone a little happier this Christmas. I wish I could do more :(
After that I came home and began laundry, I did my cleaning earlier so I got right to Christmas baking. I baked bars and cookies and little cakes and tarts. I have 7 tins full of goodies to hand out to people and a tray for my Christmas in the freezer. Day well spent. Kept me fairly occupied. I cooked dinner, did dishes and put away laundry, spent 45 minutes on my rower downstairs then I relaxed in a lush bath with candles, tea and music.. Tomorrow is a difficult day and I am dreading it but I know soon it will be over, hopefully. Now I am just going to relax in my bed and watch youtube on my ipad and cuddle with my puppy.

Have a wonderful evening all

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