Do Not Disturb

2018-12-16 23:45:33 (UTC)

Check Up

Dear journal,

After days of being sick my mom finally decides to take me to the hospital since, I practically begged her. The good news is that I don't have a strep throat or anything contagious. They gave me a shot on my upper left arm. No matter what I still hate getting shots until this day and I'm 20 for crying out loud. They gave me a swab test through my mouth and nose and I didn't like that not one little bit. They stuck it in me. It felt like it was chocking you. Literally. But it should go away by itself in a couple days or so... So that's good to hear.

I saw this one crazy lady who just walked out of the hospital and almost never came back. She got in trouble by one of the nurse's. I think she's on some type of meds or something. I was waiting to use the bathroom and she asked," Do you have to use the bathroom." Because she was just coming out of one of the stalls. I shook my head and said," Yea." But I mean that's the only reason I'm standing their right is to use the bathroom. I overheard her talking to this white lady who was coming out of the bathroom as well who looked like their was something wrong with her. She asked to borrow a cigarette lighter from my mother," You need this back." Like it's not yours to keep.

Anyways, now I'm back at home safe and sound and while my mom and her boyfriend is out doing who knows what. I guess he lives here now since he comes over here when he gets off work. He works night shift from 10-6 just like my ex did and pays my mother a little visit and ends up staying over here until, he goes back to work. And the routine continues. But I to wonder if, he has a place of his own. Probably not. I mean why would he be over here so much if he didn't. But as long as my mother's happy I'm happy.

My aunt brings over a different guy every day if, not every day then every other day. His name is Erik. He's been around her for the past few days. Cuddling ect. I really think she's gonna keep this one.

And as for me, my boyfriend came over yesterday. I wish to see him everyday but that rarely happens. Hope to get well soon. My hands hurt now.

Writw more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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