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2018-12-16 09:38:01 (UTC)

She don't want the world

Listening to: She don't want the world - Thee Doors down

My back is aching today. I think my mattress is due to be replaced so I am going on a hunt for a new one. I have only ever felt the need to have a Queen but now with my puppy who insists on sleeping with, may need to upgrade to a King. For a little dog, He sure can take up a lot of room, lil devil. I made it to the gym this morning at 6 and worked out til 730, came home and showered and now relaxing with my tea. Need to clean, wrap, cook and bake today..oh and laundry lol. Maybe go to Leons or Sleep Country. They seemed to have good sales according to this email I recieved.. Perhaps boxing day will be better? Not sure..will shop.
I spoke to my former last night..Briefly.. He's really full of anger over my email and things said..Said all my accusations were wrong. I explained that when I can't get him to talk about what I am feeling, assumptions is all I can go on. He told me he loved me and I was always his bg, which brought tears. We spoke a bit and after awhile He grew upset and said goodnight so I I told him if he ever wanted to talk, I am there and I got..."why would I" So the conversation ended there. What could I really say?
My two girlfriends came over around 10 and left around 1. We just had a few drinks and gabbed. We picked a day next weekend to do our litle gift exchange between us. I am thankful for my friends every day of my life but especially this past week. They have really been there for me to cry to or just relax with or have fun with. Eric didn't show up as he ended up going into work to handle a situation but he text me to see if I needed anything. I had one glass of wine and then switched to tea. Thankfully headache is gone and not feeling quite as nauseated as I did. Woke feeling good other than my back. and things go back to normal today in the house.
Tomorrow is a big day, not looking forward to it..but I will push I do everything else.
I am going to put a pork tenderloin roast in the crock so I should prolly get my day started.

Have a great day all!

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