Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-15 20:24:21 (UTC)

So Much, Yet so Little

Dear diary,

So much is happening that can't keep up anymore, now I'm sitting here with nothing to do. I feel like I've been dating Leon for a month, It's been two weeks. I thought I was a patient little girl but nope, I can't handle this! If I had plenty of money for food and water I really would walk 500 miles, I'd even walk 500 more. I've listen to the song "I'm gonna be (500 miles)" a lot on my playlist. I know you may doubt me, that I'd never make two miles in, but if it meant I wouldn't have to wait for Leon to fly to America I really would. If that German bloke wasn't over seas I'd walk. I have some cloths, I'd grab my knife, I'd pack nothing but vegetables, because they'd give me the most amount of energy. I'd just get water whenever I pass by a convenience store because the water cups are free. I'd also pack as much money as possible, and I'd use it only for power aid so I keep my electrolytes. I don't care about the damage on my body, I may not be used to this amount of exercise but I'd do it for not only for myself, but for Leon too. I swear I just might tackle him at the airport, hug and kiss him right then and there.
"Hi welcome to America, we-"... ... ..."I hope he's okay... ma'am can you please avoid tackling in the airport"

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