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2018-12-14 22:32:04 (UTC)

Tonight's game night

So tonight, we hung out to watch the Kings and Warriors basketball game. My friend made it a surprise birthday party for me too. Had a bunch of my friends come over. Also, a new person that was a cutie. We talked a little. Got her number. She just moved to the area a month ago. Told her if she wanted to get to know the area better or just feel like hanging out, feel free to call since we live near each other. That was it. Not a romantic thing but she is cute and I needed the interaction with a woman in a fun innocent way. Nice distraction. That was it.

I had one of my close friends come too so I had a few core friends come over to hang out. It was nice. I'm happy. Tomorrow, I go to my crossfit class, go home and take a quick shower then off we go to the wineries. We'll also pick up a x mas tree or two on the way back since we'll be in Placerville where there are buku trees. I'm off to a great start this weekend :)