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2018-12-14 13:12:42 (UTC)

A lot has happened...

A lot has happened.... in my life this year, lost my way with who i could trust. I am 24 years old and back feeling unworthy who i am suppose to become as young adult, But isnt too bad because am different than who i was going to be as O.G. single baby. As for now, that am no longer into much fantasy because it s all fricking lies and false hope. I am learning to letting and having a memories of someone that you truly care about its hard too do in living in the world, we live in because so much opinions that cloud are view of life. I never thought drama caused so much damn pain, I know who i want in my life, being private more will help my mind and heart. I lost soo much damn faith in my life these months that still cant really recovery from yet, am still taking my time. I wish I was more excited bout the Christmas; however, theres mixed feelings and I dont speak of anymore. I dont let my guard down since this year tore me in pieces, i have become incredible close to friends and my sis. In the media theres quite unexpected events took people in several directions they lost their way through Madness. I was secretly took that path in with alcohol whenever i had hung with my sis and her Wifey. I did thus because numb the bullshit and didnt want talk bout what happened and still arent ready yet. So far i had pass wth math an C, just waiting two more hopefully tonight. I will be back in march in the New Year. Stay Strong Always! Loves Foreseen shadow.