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2018-12-14 10:27:00 (UTC)

Girls night!

I am bit later to write this morning but I had somewhere to be early this morning and home now. I slept well and I woke at 4:45, threw on clothes, hair in a pony and hit the gym at 5am and worked out til 6:30. I crushed my workout and had a little assistance from Craig. He told me he use to be a bootcamp instructor. It shows. I was thankful he managed to perfect my form on certain stretches and form when lifting. It was a good workout. I showered at the gym and managed to make it on time. I came home and showered again lol, nothing like a shower in your own home. I have few things to do today before I go out with the girls this evening. I am trying to figure out what to wear, thinking my black skirt, white sheer blouse and a lacey chemise under neath it, stockings and knee high boots, lil sexy and cute. Should look good. Loving the new length of my hair, sophisticated yet feminine. Maybe I will do a lil beachy wave in my hair too. I have my makeup lesson this afternoon which is good because it will still be perfect for my night out. Sounds like I am making a big deal out of going out and maybe I am but I haven't had a girls night in forever. Haven't done anything fun with my girls since a little over a year. I plan on enjoying tonight and just forgetting everything. Will be fun. So no entry tonight :)
Last night I took the advice of a friend and did something to help my mind sort out some things. I have to say it was eye opening. An epiphany of sorts. It gave me clarity and confirmation of what I believed. This morning I opened my email and saw a reminder from an old journal I kept..It said "a year ago you wrote...."....I took a peek.. It was an entry I made a year ago helped to read that today, like a sign. I believe in signs, fate, karma..all that lol..I believe life works out the way it's supposed to. I am in a good place today. I have the house alone this weekend which.. Is ok I guess. Just me and the furbabies. I need to keep myself occupied in the evenings.. Thinking of possibly doing a 2nd workout in the evenings for awhile.. Keep me busy and it will aid my goals in my fitness too so a win win. I worked on some of my crafts a bit too. I am finally done the wreath I was working on and it's now hanging beautifully in my front door. I also plan on spending some time shopping this weekend with my girlfriend to get my Christmas shopping finished, We decided to do the Sparta tea room for lunch, it's a beautiful little tea house....albeit it's well known for paranormal activity. I love that kinda stuff..Been there many times and not had anything happen but their food is incredible. I decided after Christmas.. I intend on amping up my diet and going full on keto. I read several articles about it that state it's good for overall well being, skin, nails, immune system..whole kit and caboodle sooo I am going to try it. Scale didn't move again today but I am down a considerable amount this past week so I think my body is just adjusting... I just want to feel better about myself. I have not focused on myself in well over a year. I put others before myself.. It's time to focus on myself and my family. It's time to put myself back out there in all aspects, work, family, friends, new friends. I am ready. I am truly blessed.. I am surrounded with great people. I look around my house and see many Christmas cards from those who care about us..Anyways.. Off I go to run my errands. Thank you to my special friend who checked in on me today and everyday lately.

Have a wonderful day!

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