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2018-12-13 07:11:54 (UTC)

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Good Morning :)
Day off today, yeah baby! I slept well and made it to the gym by 4:45. I got a good workout in. (one song I love while I am working lame as this song is, it has a good beat...Jealous by Nick Jonas lol) I saw that guy who helped me yesterday. We chatted a few and then I hit the ground running. I spoke to my gf last night and we decided to do a 5k this summer. So I want to work on my cardio more.. I did that..then some weights..No loss on the scale today but 9 pounds this week. 13 since my thyroid caused me to gain a few. I can't complain, I will take it. I bought myself a few pieces of workout gear. New tights, sports bra and jacket. Felt a little bit more confident today at the gym. I came home and took a long hot shower and settled in with my tea.

Today I have a fairly busy day but all fun :) I spoke to my girlfriend last night and I agreed to have a girls night out on Friday. So myself and three of my girlfriends are going out for the evening. Haven't done a girls night in quite awhile. Wil be good to reconnect with them all. I kinda stopped doing the girls night when I was with my former as He did not like my friends. Be nice to get back to my circle of friends and share some laughs and hit the dance floor. There is one club we like to go to which is nice..It's over 30 crowd only. Anyways, should be fun. Today I have lots to do :) It looks like Vegas is ready to be booked.. we are going for 4 days, will arrive Dec27th and return the 30th. It was last minute decision to do it so soon but the deal was too good to pass up. I think 4 days in vegas is enough, the cruise will be longer, which we are looking into as well to get booked mid January or early February. I spoke to my boss yesterday and because we are so slow..I was only booked one of those days and he let me switch with a co-worker. I need to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend too. I need to be done, I am stressing lol.

Well, off to do my hair and makeup and get ready to face the day :)

Have a great day!

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