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2018-12-13 10:46:06 (UTC)

Praise and worship

Who is like you Jesus, who is like you the powerful one, no one can be like you in the entire world. The God that never sleeps, the powerful one. The God that carries glory from glory to glory. The mighty God, you are the great I am, hallelujah. How excellent is your name o Lord. Our father who at in heaven hallowed by thy name, we glorify your name, we bow down before you, king of kings. The might one, a cyclopean, our great God. I just want to say, thank you, thank you father (for everything). Thanks for where you started. You are the reason why we are singing you are the most high God, Jehovah you are the most high God. Come down o lord and manifest your power. Be lifted high o Lord for you are holy, just and holy, O Lord be lifted high. Because you live I can face tomorrow, all fear is gone, I fear no more, I know you hold my future, life is worth a living just because you live. I love calling your name, everyday your name is the same, it never changes. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I love calling your name. Lilly of the valley. There is none as holy as the Lord, there is none beside thee.