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2018-12-13 10:38:21 (UTC)

My sister

King of kings I worship you and give you all the glory. All my adult life I have always relied on you and not once have you ever failed me. You own the power and glory in our lives. You are the most powerful one. My sister's mental illness is a shock to me. seeing her the way she is when I go to the hospital is difficult but I have to get on with it. Her affairs needs managing while she is being treated. I will ensure that all her financial affairs are under control. She simply crumbled under her financial circumstances. She is on oral medication which requires she takes twice a day (she tends not to like to take oral medicine so it can be a struggle). I prefer this to injection. The injection requires less management as it is taken biweekly but it has so many side effects and most of them the symptoms have to be reported by the patient but I don't think she is even in a mental state to articulate these symptoms if they do occur so it is a matter of checking with the hospital and making sure she takes her oral medication twice a day. I visit her on average once every 2 days. My other siblings and family members also visit her so there is always someone there to see her every day.