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2018-12-12 07:35:20 (UTC)

Beautiful Crazy

Listening to : Beautiful Crazy - Luke Combs

Good Morning, I slept well last night thankfully. I had a little help however.. Thanks Benedryl lol

I woke at 5am and hit the gym, felt sluggish but taking the Benedryl is the cause of that. I felt a struggle as I was working out, I felt off..I kept stopping and starting..I thought I was the only one noticing but... apparently Half way through my workout. One guy came over and introduced himself as Craig as I was working out offered to teach me a few techniques to maximize some of my workouts. He seemed really nice. He spent about 45 minutes with me and I think really did intensify the workout I had been doing for months, I thanked him and he flashed this really cute smile and stated he's there at the same time every day if I wanted or needed more help. I left the gym aching and sore, felt like I worked twice as hard. Not a bad day at the gym lol I came home and jumped in the shower and had my tea.. Scale down again, yeah! Setting up to be a good day!

I laid in bed last night and flipped through one page I follow on Instagram.. It's called ..pausereflectmoveforward and one quote that really struck me is "we drink the poison our mind pours for us..then wonder why we feel so sick". I am often guilty of letting others opinions of me affect how I feel about myself. I over analyze and over think words said to me and ultimately make myself feel worse than their words did. I need to stop and think of the famous saying..."opinions are like ass*****, everyone has one (lol)" and not let it affect the way I see myself..a good person with a good heart. Another quote was "You are not responsible for the programing you received as a child, As an adult you are 100% responsible for fixing it" I could go back and bring up a million reason and moments during my childhood that made me think negatively about myself to this day and I have and I dragged that into adulthood and self sabotaged myself in many situations throughout my life. I get told despite my upbringing in a home with no love and no affection that I have one of the kindest hearts. I pride myself on that..mostly because I never want anyone in my life to feel unloved or uncared for the way I did growing up. I think that quote just struck me because it's something I have worked hard on throughout my life..Not to let my past repeat itself and to never inflict that pain on another. Lastly..the one quote I now have on my phone is "Don't give up now babygirl, Chances are your best kiss, your hardest laugh, your best day are still yet to come" .. I am taking that to heart. Fate has it's plan for me.

Ok, off to do my makeup and hair an get ready for work.. Have a wonderful day all.

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