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2018-12-12 02:27:23 (UTC)

I did something funny and somewhat warped

Hahaha. I can't believe my demented mind. So, I was on fb. I was checking out a post and checked out the peeps that liked it. It wasn't my post and I saw my ex gf had liked it too. She changed her profile pic I guess and I've unfollowed her so I wouldn't know when. Of course, it was with her with makeup and I'm guessing dressed nice. It didn't freak me out but I know my ego. The ego is like the devil and make you think or feel things to make you feel like crap. Sooo... I did something.

I had already dumped all the pics of my ex gf as soon as we broke up months ago except for the ugly ones where she didn't put on any makeup and we were out getting ice cream or something. I pulled that pic up and I immediately said "yipes!". Way different without makeup for sure. So any weird shit that may pop up in my head I figure is not gonna happen. Kept my ego at bay.

In addition, I did something kinda bad and maybe mean but I did it for myself and my sanity. I pulled up my ex gf's ugly non makeup pic and found one of the pics my ex wife sent me. Now I'm ok with my ex wife as far as not wanting or missing her whatsoever. Old news and all that so no mind games as far as emotional stuff about her anymore. She may make me mad once in awhile but even that is not a biggie anymore. Anyway, I'm drifting huh? Like I said, I pulled up the pic of my ex gf looking fugly. I also pulled up a pic of my ex wife which she sent recently and put is side by side. Way different in the cute dept. My ex is the devil. She is the cruelest person as far as her heart and soul. However, as far as physical looks, she is a 9 at least. I know I'll get some crap for this but it's for me well being so I did it. I saw my ex wife's pic side-by-side with my ex gf. My ex wife looks so freaking beautiful and my ex gf looks way fugally. So it helped.

Yes, this is somewhat demented I admit. I too would probably agree if someone says this is wrong but I have to take care of me and love me and protect me if need be so I did this to protect myself. I won't be missing my ex gf now. I will for sure not be missing my ex wife. So there :) Stupid as it was, I kept my ego at bay and I am doing what I can and whatever I need to do to protect my well being in the best way I know how.