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2018-12-11 07:26:52 (UTC)

Busy day ahead

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Good Morning :)

Slept a bit rough last night with nightmares and woke in a sweat, figured then was better than any to hit the gym so 4:30 it was, I managed a two hour workout today, I let It all go and put 110% into my workout. I came home and showered. The scale was down again today so I was happy. I am now relaxing a bit before I start getting ready for work. I was looking forward to I just want to go back to bed with my pup lol. It's cold out. I read another journal here of a guy who went through a breakup recently. He has thrown Himself into working out. I took that technique and applied it to myself and I am finding it really helps. All the excess weight I had gained due to my thyroid is gone and then some. I am hoping I can reach my goal a few months into the new years. I am thinking of joining crossfit. It's a extremely intensified workout program. It's mostly men but there are women there but hell, I can keep up with the big boys..I need to push myself harder. I have slacked a lot in the past few months due to few health issues but I am feeling 100% physically now. My best friend goes to crossfit and He told me He'd introduce me to His trainer Nolan. Going to go check into it probably in the next day or so when my best friend has time.
Busy day ahead with work, lunch with sister in law, then running out with my gf to a travel place thennn coming home. I like being busy.

Anyways.. Time to start my day, with a smile :)