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2018-12-10 19:33:06 (UTC)

Blue ain't your color

Listening to : Blue ain't your color - Keith Urban

Overall it's been a good day. I went and had my hair done, It's tad shorter than I would like but still fairly long, the color looks good too.. I even had my eyebrows waxed. I am feeling pretty pampered. Much needed. I then went and met a friend for coffee, was good to chat. She had gone and got brochures for vacations and we mulled a few over. It's either going to be Vegas or a cruise. I want to do a cruise..She said we compromise and do both lol, I am game! So thinking we are doing Vegas just after new years. I will look into hotel deals tomorrow. She made me promise we'd go buy a little black dress for it lol, Sure why not. I am liking staying busy. Tomorrow I work which I am actually looking forward to. My sister in law and I are having a later lunch tomorrow after work. She's meeting me there and we will go grab something and catch up on some girly time. I came home and threw some laundry in and started dinner, I cleaned the house, had dinner..finished dishes, took the pups for a long walk..absorbed all the Christmas lights on my Ave..It's so nice to see so many in my new neighbourhood so festive.. I came home and soaked in a nice hot bath with my music, candle and tea..and now sucking up cuddle time with my pup laying on the sofa with my laptop and music, My eating has been stellar today. I've done good. My best friend stopped in tonight and brought me a Starbucks. He said my hair looked really good and He was proud of all the things I been doing for myself now. He asked how I was feeling. Told Him truthfully it only hurts when I think about Him. He said.. "you are the strongest woman I have ever known and if you didn't hurt I would wonder, when you love, you love with all your heart, time heals" then He gave me a hug...I almost cried but I didn't, still haven't. I won't allow myself to..It really helps having such supportive friends. I do know He has nobody, not a soul for a friend or to turn to, makes me sad..But He shoved away His only friend. Can't imagine going through this with nobody here for me. I have definitely learned a new appreciation for them and I will never take for granted they'll always be there.... I believe there is a lesson in everything.. I believe fate makes life happen the way it's suppose to happen. We may not know why things happen...but we time.

I am curious if anything else paranormal will happen at work tomorrow, It happened last week. My co-worker and I were working and between us is a card slot with papers in them, Neither of us can touch it from where we were standing, all of a sudden, this paper box goes flying between us and hits the floor and scattered all over. There was zero possibility that something knocked it, it was in a cubby.. I looked at Him and He looked at me and He said "what the....."....I laughed and started collecting them from the floor.. He was freaked out the remainder of the shift. I on the other's a daily occurrence. Last few nights I been woken by things and seen things. Someone wants my attention lol.

Anyways.. I am going to suck up this pup and settle in and finish watching my sappy Hallmark Christmas movie before turning in :)