Experienced Life
2018-12-10 22:24:50 (UTC)

My dart league

So I played tonight in my league. No subbing. I barely hung on. We should have kicked butt big time. We sort of did I guess. 10-3 but they were the 2nd to the last place team. Can't bitch I guess.

I'm a little bummed out about my car. Battery light came on. I checked and while it's running, it's only reading 12.5 volts. Which usually means my alternator is fucked!!!! So.. That'll be a 300 dollar replacement I'm thinking. Sigh... Not too upset. I learned to be able to accept some of the unplanned things in life. It's cool. I'm still in pretty good shape financially so it's all good.

Not freaked out about being single again. I guess that's another plus. Just wish I was doing more than just understanding life and it's consequences. I wish for some cool fun stuff to happen too. :( But I guess for now, I'll take being able to cope with life. No crying. No feelings of suicide. No anxiety. Just going with the flow for now