Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-10 23:25:23 (UTC)

The New Kid

Dear diary,

We got a new kid today! This handsome man's name is Mathew, he will be a superb addition to my school! I will never get tired of his screaming that happens every hour and the way he stomps the ground is so seducing! The most amazing feature though, and who could ever forget, he's astonishing inane pouts about every goddamn thing that happens. He has such a way with words too! Like the, "no I want computer not pencil paper," and what of the silly things he says too. "No you're giving me a heart attack, *cough cough* see? I'm having heart attack." I also love the way he yells at you even when you are being calm and patient as possible. Too bad my boyfriend isn't nearly as rude and disruptive as this spoiled brat, what interesting conversations we could have otherwise! Wish my ears some luck, because I feel like ripping them off when I'm around this new kid.

Until next time! Nala Toph!

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