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2018-12-10 11:30:47 (UTC)

You shoot me down, but I won't fall

You shoot me down, but I won't fall.....I am Titaniummm haha, best song ever. My new mantra

I am sleepy lol, I woke at 5am and hit the gym running.. Another great workout. I love early mornings there when it's quiet, just me..the gym an music pounding through my head.. There is one song that really drives my workout.. It's called Titanium, by David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia.. The lyric is the opening sentence to this entry..I listen to this song every day at the gym repeatedly.. Today it just struck me harder..It felt like a message. Life can be tough and things can knock you down..don't fall....So's my mantra...I was supposed to work today but a girl asked me to swap her Wednesday for my Monday as her daughter had a Christmas concert Wednesday so I agreed. But due to being so slow at work.. I only work Tuesday and Wednesday this week which I am ok with.. Going to focus on the gym and finish Christmas shopping :) So today I am heading for a haircut and color. Thinking of cutting some of the length, not sure how much but perhaps a long bob cut, has to be just past the shoulders however, I won't go short. I don't look good in short hair lol. New hair for a new me :)

I slept good.. I took a Benedryl before bed and fell right asleep, I needed it. I woke feeling bit sluggish, I think from the Benedryl but I managed a kickass workout and came home to a hot shower and a tea. I was down on the scale again today. Felt great! I have been on top of my eating as well. Minus the wine night and fondue my best friend and I had Saturday

I need to go soon but I just don't want to drag myself back out in the cold lol. Ok... I am going, no more procrastination

Til later!

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