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2018-12-10 17:29:47 (UTC)

decision oh decision

I don't want to extend my working contract period!!!
The reason??
1. Salary is so....The salary is too small for an international organisation employee like me. Their staffs (home staff) receive around USD 4,500 per month. Meh? I only receive around USD 500 per month (what a pity!)T__T"
2. Full of drama! (in my section there are 5 workers ( 3 home staffs, and 2 national staffs). Actually, I always try avoiding drama inside company wherever I work. So, when I already found out that there are 2 home staffs are in competition, I think I have to quit as soon as possible. Two of them are females staffs. And one of them is very tricky. She loves spreading bad things about her rival. ckckck.
3. Fake colleagues!!! I really cannot stand this thing anymore. I really wanna vomit whenever I see and meet those fakes. WT*
4. Status ? Well, FYI, I work in here as a temporary employee. SO??? Without a doubt, I really have to quit, and find another stable job!!!
5. Totally BORING! To be honest, I am a moody person but also a hardworking person. There's a day when I don't have any job to do! GOSH. I really want to write everything here..... Unfortunately, I don't think 1 day is enough? #sad

I don't wanna be an unemployment, BUT, I have to go sooner whenever I still have a chance, right?
Dear God, PLEASE HELP ME to decide the best decision!......

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