Canadian Cutie

Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2018-12-09 18:50:52 (UTC)

Puppy cuddles, candles and masks

Curled up in my bed with a candle going and a warm blanket wrapped around me, music playing (My Immortal by Evanescence) .. typing away on my laptop as my puppy curls tight into me.. I can't get warm so I figured he's cold and I wrapped him in a blanket too lol..thinking winter has officially arrived despite it still being Fall. I don't tolerate the cold well.. I should be a beach bunny, not a snow bunny.
The weekend flew by it feels. I spent most of it alone in my house with just my pupps and it was really nice. Thought it would be harder but it allowed me to feel all I needed to without holding up appearances for those around me. I been getting songs sent to me from my best friend all evening lol. He has similar taste as me, Is sweet of him.. Makes me feel cared for. All our lives.. He has been the one constant in my life dating back to my childhood.. Whenever I needed someone..there He is..Never judgemental, never wavering, never a moment has He not cared how I felt or been there for me to turn to, last night was no different. He let me ramble last night and held me as I did so.. Some people don't understand our friendship and how close we are without actually being a couple. We have both faced scrutiny for how close we I can lay next to him and just be held..Without strings, without anything happening. I just feel safe and cared for. He recently went through a breakup as well so I know He understands. I would truly never bounce back from losing His friendship. He really is one of the most important people in my life and I His. We stayed up til 3am and just talked and laughed and drank wine. I woke feeling good and well rested despite very little sleep. I feel for Him as He had to go to work lol. Kristi stopped in today and we hit the mall for a bit, then coffee.. She was supportive too but now says I have no excuse not to go have fun. So we are going out Friday.. I apologized to her for shutting her out.. I was forbidden to spend time with her. She didn't know.. and was surprised.. But she understood and told me real friendships survive all relationships. I am so fortunate to have such amazing and supportive friends.
We also discussed booking our vacation. Bring it on!

Anyways..the day ended well.. I am feeling ok.. I am considering deleting all my old entries.. I went through my phone and cleaned things off too..Same with my email box..I purged everything..i then took a bubble bath with hot tea and candles and gave myself a face mask and hair mask while I soaked..Then I gave myself a pedicure and painted my toes a pretty red :) Now I am feeling refreshed and ready to face the week with a positive attitude.

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