Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-09 23:51:44 (UTC)

Leon wanted to see "something"

**I'll say it right now, turn back. This diary entry is not innocent**

Leon, my boyfriend, wanted to see something "special," I got to see his so it's fair that he sees mine. However I had to deny, Do you realize how painful it is when they give you something in a loyal relationship, then deny a return? I feel horrible and guilty now. The reason is, I don't have a phone, well I do but it's a flip phone. I need a smart phone in order too send my sexual details over discord. I had 8 smart phones, all lost due to water damage. How? Well I'm immature, I have no self control, I watch my "naughty" videos at night. I end up falling asleep and it slides out of my hand. So how does it get lost to water damage? Well it's hard to admit this, even in just my diary, but despite my age I still have "accidents" in bed. Recently I've been waking up early in the night and I can use the restroom. This is so embarrassing, I'm not a kid, why am i still like this? At least it only happens every other week now. I also sweat a lot in my sleep, and i mean waking up soaked and slimy, it's a different feeling then "wetting" the bed. I wish my body was normal, I don't mind my size, I'm talking my functions.

Until next time, this is Nala Toph.

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