Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-09 20:58:47 (UTC)

There's So Much!

So much happens online, I'm thankful for every encounter I had, both good and bad. For even the bad had a meaning, a reason to have them, just the experience of being with someone new can be a blessing on it's own because you understand and carry on what you just discussed. Sometimes to much happens online though, if I were to write down every thought I have during conversations the internet could explode! It feels nice to write down my thoughts, as of late, Leon has been filling up my mind. I'm thinking about doing face reveals in the summer, EEEE! I'm just jumping and hoping now! Shouldn't get too exited though, he never agreed yet. I just hope he, i don't know. I just need a snuggle buddy. I'm not necessarily lonely, rather just need face to face affection. Also Leon said my description was 50% correct, not that I'm disappointed though, I was just pointing out what comes to my mind when I hear "Leon." What day will it be that I see him? We didn't meat on a dating website, just on a furry server on discord. Yup! He's a furry! Just like me! I really want to pick him up carry him to my house then sleep on top him on the couch, and kick back. I need to snuggle but I'm uncomfortable asking family though, I honestly don't like family. Not that I want new parents, I just want to live with someone else, and that someone else being a German boy named Leon.

Until next time! This is Nala Toph