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2018-12-08 23:33:26 (UTC)

Some things did end

Well, I forgot to say that my suv is finally gone. My friend finally gave me the last of the money for it and he took it home. I didn't think I'd miss it but I actually do. Lot's of good memories with that SUV. It took my and my friends on many adventures. Lot's of camp trips, kayak trips, wine tasting, hikes, and so many more adventures. Now it's gone. I only have my Acura for my one and only auto. I do still have my motorcycle though so I still have transport. But no SUV. Good by old pal :( Some things do need to come to an end. Relationships do so why not autos?

Also, we held our last luncheon get together for our meetup group. We closed the group after today's last event. We're still going to hold events on our facebook page but it will be different. No more people of power. I was the accountant and took care of the money. Now it's sort of a free for all Group camping events costs around 300 bucks. We have no account anymore so who is going to front the money? Anyway, I'm sort of sad to see it close down. Some of use has been together for nine years now. We had a lot of fun and went to so many places I wouldn't have seen if not for this group.

Maybe that's why I feel so idle. All things end. Vehicles, groups, relationships. All part of life I guess. There will also be new beginnings too. I can't see it right now but there will be. I will get a new Truck in 2019. I will probably be moving somewhere too. My never-ending friends that I keep making at the gym. Probably a new dart partner next season. Who knows? Maybe even meet that special someone? Dunno.

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