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2018-12-07 08:06:46 (UTC)

Taking off early today

Well, I coordinated three deliveries for later this afternoon. I got one from Fed Ex large deliver Van for my 75" TV. Another again from Fed Ex but for a smaller vehicle for my new sound system. Then the most unreliable delivery from USPS. I'm not even sure what it was for USPS but I think it was for this cool painting that I bought. It's like a beautiful angel/woman sitting down with the left side of her wings sort of on fire and the other end sort of iced. It's been shown around on some advertising and I'm sure everyone on Facebook probably saw it. I liked it.

So that's what I got for today. Oh yeah. My gasket for my front door fridge needed replacement. Wasn't closing anymore because it was sort of worn out. I got it and I guess my lazy ass should replace it now. Otherwise, I managed to keep my home sort of clean. I manage to keep my laundry in check. Going to work and going to the gym almost everyday makes the clothes pile up quick. But so far, I'm doing ok. I don't have a load to do yet. My dishwasher is 1/4 full. Carpet is clean. Kitchen is so so. I only mention this because I saw a video.

Youtube vids say that you need to keep doing the daily things or the things you still need to do even after a breakup. Go to work, keep the house clean, doing your homework (but I'm not in school so that don't apply to me), pretty much taking care of normal life business. Don't be a couch potato letting everything around you turn to shit. I knew that somewhat anyway. It's nice coming home do no dishes in the sink. Carpet clean. Bed made, etc, etc. I does make me feel better. And that's all from me doing my thing throughout the day. I do have a yard man so that's something that someone else did. lol.

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