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2018-12-06 22:50:13 (UTC)

Challenge coming up

Well, It's my birthday coming up shortly. Dec 15th. Thanksgiving was my first emotional hurdle and I think I did ok. I knew this was coming and although it does and is silly to think about it, I'm still worried about my emotional well being to cope with not freaking out about being single again.

I already asked my friend to go out with me on my Birthday. She's my friend and she said yeah. Known her for about 16 years maybe? I think I should put nicknames to these peeps. I will Just call her "S" which is her first initial. So S says she'll hang with me that day. I won't be alone so it'll be cool. Not sure where I want to go on my birthday. I'm guessing wine tasting and dinner? I dunno :(

As far as the lonely quiet nights, I seem to be ok. Not freaking out. Not crying. Not losing it. I'm like a fucking machine. Just keep dredging on till the next road block. That is what I do and that is what I can deal with.

I still wish I could fulfill the goal I had. Live in with a special someone. Pool our resources together and have a great life. That was the plan with the ex gf but she had a change of heart. While that sucks, the game plan still is solid. Just need to find some cool lady to hang with.

You know, I sort of introduced my concept to my friends. This is to pool together and get a kick ass home. With the group participation, we could save so much money. There would be no more than three participating families. I make the most so I get the master bedroom hahaha. I'm thinking the married couple is out maybe. They can only pay 600 max out the door. The rest of use is thinking at least 1K. Maybe even 1500 each for a kick ass home. Imagine, a 4,500 a month home would have some cool things in there. I can pay 1500 no problem, it'll save me 1K and that is more than enough savings to buy my new Toyota Tacoma :)

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