Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-12-06 20:19:39 (UTC)

A New Job, A Good Deed, A Long Day

I am battered. I'm never wearing these fucking nice shoes again, I don't care how good they look; my feet are in pieces, I'm walking as if I've shit myself. Today has been one of the longest days, ever. I didn't get home until 7:10pm (which is really late for me)

Thursday is science and maths, we moved onto biology today which interests me a lot more than chemistry. The year is going so fast, we are flying through topics now. It won't be long until I have to pick what I'm going to do next, something I'm still wrestling with in my head. I'm 80% sure I'm going to study Psychology, Media Studies and English Language at A-Level but we'll have to wait and see. I need more time and need to seek the counsel of many people before coming to a decision. After Biology I had to do a maths test which I ended up doing in the library which was pretty nice of my teacher. I just put my headphones on and got on with it. I'm adamant that I did pretty poor and I may have even googled some of the answers....just to ensure I was right, of course! We got let out of class about 15 minutes early so I googled the place I was meant to be attending for my 'assessment'.

I get really anxious when I'm going somewhere for the first time or not entirely sure about the area. I walked pretty fast, my feet were honestly in agony. These shoes are the worst purchase I've ever made. I hadn't worn them in a long time to be fair, I doubt they were ever truly broken in. I think I last wore them at my best friend's wedding....which was like two years ago. I arrived at the place an hour early so I just stood outside in the rain with my earphones in, like the biggest loser in the world. It went pretty fast and then I was buzzed in and sent to one of the rooms to wait for everybody else. The room fast filled up and there was about 24 of us by the time we were called into the main room. It was a lot easier than I expected, it was mainly just listening to a guy whilst he was showing us a PowerPoint presentation. He was a really nice guy, really witty. He spoke about the history of the company, what they were offering and what was expected of us. Some of the places they offer work is pretty impressive: Anfield, Goodison Park, Stamford Bridge, which is ideal for me because I love football. They also offer other places too. There is a variety of work, bar work, waiting on people, working at betting places, stuff like that. We had to do some sort of 'practical' which involved setting up plates and waiting, it was pretty basic but God it was awkward. Thankfully it only took about 10 seconds and I don't think anybody was really paying attention to mine.

I received a phone call about 10-15 minutes after I left saying I had the job. I was also offered to work tomorrow at the races but I can't because I have college until 12:30pm and the coach leaves at 6:30am. I want to start picking up shifts ASAP though. I rang my dad and asked if he could pick me up but traffic was too terrible so I started the long walk back into town. As I started walking, one of the girls from the assessment asked me where the train station was. She didn't know the area at all, she must have been about 19-20 years ago, she said she was from Bangladesh. I told her I was walking into town anyway so I would show her the way. We walked for about 20 minutes and spoke about the assessment and education generally. She's at uni here and is studying chemistry. She asked about me, she said she thought I was a lot younger because I mentioned that I was in college and I don't think she fully understood why. She thought I was funny. She asked me if I was married or had children, I told her "I can't even look after myself, having a kid is completely out of the question", she found that hysterical, it was quite awkward. I took her to one of the streets that she knew pretty well and she said she could find her way from here, she said "Thank you so much!" gave me a hug (which was also awkward) and went on her way. Hugs from strangers are not something I'm used to. She was nice though, I hope she did find her way home. I wonder if I'll ever see her on any future shifts, I didn't even catch her name.