girls dont cry
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2018-12-05 01:58:17 (UTC)

what if today?

i asked myself this morning
what if today?

and for a moment i shook my head
and thought to rationalize,
but my brain told me otherwise
and so i tried to compromise with my mind.

what if today
i did all the things i was longing to do
if i changed my point of view
if i did what i said
if i spent the time i promised i would with you

what if today
was the day my life changed?
if i stopped feeling so deranged and estranged
if i looked at a life that was rearranged
and saw it through a different frame?

what if today
i got on that plane?
holding your hand as we speed through the lane
our lives would be forever interchanged--
if only i were sane.

and then the darkness dripped in
oozing, hot, sticky black tar
through the windows of my room
and told me i was a fool
to dream in the daytime

this fantasy could never last
i was falling into my bed
into the floor
the voice in my head said
i shouldn't do this anymore-----

and then it stopped.

and i dreamt anyway.
and i thought to myself;
what if today?