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2018-12-06 09:56:21 (UTC)

God please give me strength

Its all so complex!!
Finally I get a job interview for a contract role that will elevate me and put me back where i need to be, i have been in the wilderness for so long.
Unfortunately for me it coincides with my sister's depression (psychosis). She lives alone with her daughter of 16 so we are all rallying around her (this includes her ex husband who has been good). My services are needed at this time to help her and at the same time I need to prepare and study for the interviews (3 in total). Most likely I may have to go and spend some time with her later today after my interview with the agent at 1 pm (I will have to leave work). I have the second interview on Monday which I have to prepare for. My sisters illness will take my time and my mental energy and well being. I have to find a way to be strong on both counts and do what is right. I have a terrible headache this morning. It can be very overwhelming. God please give me strength