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2018-12-06 00:35:32 (UTC)

I think I overdid it at the gym

So today, it was another classic workout with my friends. One of the routines I think I overdid it. It's called a farmer's carry. Easy enough. Pick up a kettle bell, look forward and walk forward. Sounds easy enough right? Well, I decided to carry the same weight as the big boys. 6' tall dudes weighing I'm guessing over 200 lbs. Me? I'm 5'6" weighing between 150-160. So they pick up the heaviest kettle bell and do their thing. I decide to play with the big boy and carry the same kettle bell. I did ok. I survived. But I'm feeling it tonight! lol I hurt. But then again, I know this will pay off in how I look later. So yeah, trying to man up. The pain will be gone in a day or so :)