Do Not Disturb

2018-12-06 00:48:42 (UTC)


Dear journal,

I think I may have feelings for this guy that I see in my reading class every Friday morning but he likes some other girl that's also in that class and they've been chatting it up and everything. She gave him her number and everything. But why do I care. We only talked like once... And that was only because he asked if, I had a change for a five.

He looks like a whole fuckboy if,you ask me. But I can't say anything if, I haven't actually gotten to know the guy first.

But can you have guys as friends whilst in a committed relationship. Yes? Or No?

And no I'm not stalking them. I just happen to see to sit in the very back of the class and she to does as well and that's when he decided to pay her a little visit and sit next to her and exchange phone numbers.

But I must remember that have a boyfriend that I've been together for six months now. I mean sure he doesn't have a job or, a car but at least he always finds a way to see me.

We only see each other every now and then. He wants to see me every single day. And I'm honestly glad we don't.

He's talking about how he's gonna marry me someday. I mean if, we ever last that long. It's not that I don't love him. I do. It's been 6 months for crying out loud. Slow the fuck down.

He also told me that I'm his FIRST ever " proper" ( as the British says it) girlfriend.

Haha haha!!!

I laugh because I don't believe.

I mean I've at least had 3 to 4 boyfriend's. And all which went terribly wrong.

He needs to know that I need my space too.

I don't like a clingy boyfriend.


I've always had guys tell me that I'm clingy and wayyy to emotional for them. And maybe part of that is true. Not the clingy part. The being very emotional part.

I can't help it. Theirs this thing callled being a Girl.

Also I just like a lot of attention.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One