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2018-12-05 13:29:43 (UTC)

Sister and finance

My sister is ill. Everyday she gets worse, she is very paranoid and I am very worried. We hope to take her to the doctors tomorrow (that is the earliest appointment we can get) and hopefully get him to also write to the local government as I believe what is causing her anxiety is the pressure from them for he rent.
I managed to get some money off my friend to relieve me a bit and pay some of the pressing bills I have. I also spread out the repayment schedule so that it is affordable. Still looking for a new job.

I need to seriously review my financial commitment towards my kids school fees. It is a big strain on me. I may have to go back to court to reduce what I have been ordered to pay. Right now I am actually paying far and beyond what I was ordered to pay because of historic debts I have with the school. I may have to stop paying my half of the fees for my daughter until I get a better paid job. My ex currently earns nearly double what I earn and she got to keep all the funds and assets after the divorce more so that she is doing a six figure extension to their property (which used to be mine). If roles were reversed I am sure the school fees payment will be shared between us by earnings. I may have to go back to court. Right now when I finish paying my bills I am struggling to even get to work some days. i cant continue like this.