Do Not Disturb

2018-12-05 03:25:10 (UTC)

Okay So, Here's The Problem

Dear journal,

Okay so , here's the problem.

Its been a while since, I've been off of birth control pills. More like a few months or so and my period usually comes on near the end of the month before I even got them because my period is so irregular. I'm not pregnant. And I haven't had sex.


What could be the problem ???

My period never came on after I stopped taking those damn birth control pills because their waaaayyy to pricey to buy. And the only way for my period to get back on track is for me to take those damn birth control pills.

Is it because of me gaining so much weight???

Is it because I have been eating more than, usual ???

And once again no I'm not pregnant.

I just love food.

I have been frustrated with school work and with exams.

Could it be that ???

And also the whole trying to find a job situation. I get frustrated pretty easily. That's why I'm so committed into me writing all the time. Everyday. And if not everyday. Every now and then. Idk...

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One