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2018-12-04 18:56:49 (UTC)

Being with someone doesn't mean you are happy

So youtube is telling me about being happy. Being happy isn't done by being with a partner, lover, etc, etc. Whatever it is that you feel bad about will not get resolved if and when you find someone. At times, it'll add to your worry, stress, anxiety. Happiness is there for you without being with someone.

So I read a public diary somewhere here. It's a Man it spans 5 years. Married, with kids, working hard and trying to make his wife happy. Yet, I see how he is so unhappy. Doing things he doesn't want to do but does because he wants to make his wife happy. Pretty much taking away his man-card.

I skimmed through his diary. Married for awhile. He and his wife not doing well. Trying to make it work. Wife not happy and eventually leaves. Then came the divorce and the financial stuff involved in it. Whew... That sucks. A little like my previous life and it sucked. So being with a partner does not mean you are happy. Finding someone will not make you happy. You have to be happy with yourself first. Then..... possibilities are endless.

All I know is that I wouldn't want to be in this gentlemen's shoes. I am far more better off financially and emotionally and I'm alone!! So yeah.. learning more and more about life.

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