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2018-12-04 12:22:24 (UTC)


That subject again....finance. I am so frustrated, it is like I am in captivity. Sometimes I don't even have money to leave the house and go to work. There is so much demand for money from ma and the most important one is my son's school fees. The school have sent me a mail and I dont have the courage to read just now. I will read at the end of the day before I go to bed. it is just terrible. I cant do anything. I just sent a whatsapp message to a friend of my asking for a loan (I dont even know if this can happen). It is very important that I dont loose sight of how I ask people for money. It can easily become an issue where i get a reputation so I am very mindful and keep my struggles to myself as much as possible. I just pray something happens to me soon. Next year has to be my breakthrough year. I have been through a lot it is just depressing. but I cant give up. I have to keep on trying and moving forward.