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2018-12-04 08:02:07 (UTC)

if you want me back

if you want me back:

it's hard to imagine that two people
singing together in cars
on cold december days
and kissing under fluffy white duvets
might not really be in love

some nights i want to run into your arms
and bury my head in your chest
and cry until the sun comes back.
other nights i wish you'd never existed-
maybe then i wouldn't feel so alone

it's hard to please the palette
that longs for something sweeter.
how do you tell someone you love
that it's not their fault
they're simply just the wrong flavor?

but then, i forget how i am sometimes
how cruel i can be.
i forget how harsh my words are
when i'm hurting deep inside-
i'm sorry that i hurt you too

and maybe taste is not about
the way the dish dissolves on the tongue
but rather
the way it makes you feel
when all is said and done

what i'm trying to say
is that even though we may not be the perfect fit
(more like a key that broke off inside of a lock)...
well, if love has to do with happiness;
i want to be happy with you

i'll take the time to say "hey"
i'll hold my breath when i know i have something bad to say
i'll take you out more when i'm feeling okay
i'll listen to your words, "any day can be your day"
i'll even let you know when i need some time away.

i'm shit at apologies
but what i'm trying to say
is even though you're
"not my favorite flavor"
i fucking love you anyway.