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2018-12-03 16:48:23 (UTC)

NO gym today

So because of dart league tonight, I won't and didn't hit the gym. I had a couple of stressful things happen to me today. Nothing life altering but enough to piss me off. Long term I know it doesn't mean shit. I am above and beyond petty little issues. So yeah, I'm good now. Just the moment it happens pisses me off.

So I have darts tonight. Should be fun. We dominated them last time so we should do very well again tonight. This time, it won't be an online match. We will go there since it's not too far and it's more fun playing against someone physically there.

Also, I haven't gotten the agreed upon case of cat food yet from the ex gf. I in turn was supposed to keep her car in my account to be able to go to the car washes unlimited. A simple text saying she won't do this anymore would have been cool but oh well. Like the youtube vids say, the ex is no longer the ex you knew. They have changed so don't expect them to act like they did when you were with them. Responsibility amongst other things won't be like before and they have a right to do what they please. So ok. I will cancel her car wash account and also not say anything. Better that way.

Otherwise, I'm flirting a little with someone at the gym. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to but I flirt anyway. At least it's fun and I'm not taking it anywhere so I'm not using anyone and she isn't using me too.