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2018-12-03 08:36:55 (UTC)

The concept of moving in together

So, before I broke up with my ex gf, we discussed for a long time about moving in together. The concept of it financially was so appealing. One rent, one utility bill, etc, etc split two ways with the combined income. We'd have saved a lot of money for ourselves to do whatever it is we do. While that is no longer on the table anymore with her, the concept is still a good one that has been in my head for awhile now. The only thing that would change is the person to live with.

So I've been talking to some of my friends about moving in together possibly. We are good friends that have known each other for around 17 years or more now so we are the core people on our inner circle. There would be four possible incomes that would be able to participate. Maybe all four won't move in together so we are just brainstorming the options. Everyone has some drama so we all talk about the possible scenarios.

One single mom has a teen girl that is somewhat getting in trouble. We talked about that. The other couple doesn't have that much money and is currently only paying 600 a month out the door in the current situation as they are already renting by the room with their family members. My other friend is drinking himself to death is seems and currently having his daughter possibly running his home and having her make sure the current tenants will pay their rent and she pay the balance of the mortgage. But I'm thinking that she will run it to the ground and he will be left with nothing. I on the other hand am alone so I'm not paired with anyone which makes me the ideal person to move in with. I make the most and I am the least drama filled of the rest of the group.

So I'm thinking maybe it should just be me and the single Mom with her problem kid that moves together. We could find a place that would rent for 3000 a month even and I could easily afford to split that with utilities too if need be and I'd still save a bunch of money. Enough so that I could buy a Brand new 40K Tacoma truck and not have that monthly payment effect me. I'd be in great shape.

Anyway, we met at my place last night. One of the core peep didn't show up. We talked and after that, we parted with some info. I don't think the couple could live with the Single Mom because they would be telling the teen girl a piece of their minds and it would be drama filled in the house and I can't take that. After the meeting, I called the single Mom and we talked and think maybe only she and I should move in together. Less people and her income is actually pretty good. I think between the both of us, we can easily get a home for 2500 a month. 3000 was just to make sure we'd find a nice place but yeah, we are both good to go I think.

This is all just talk so we shall see. I think we'll let this brew for a few months and see where we go from there.