Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-12-02 21:03:35 (UTC)

North London Is Red

I can't believe we finally beat Tottenham today. I am beyond pleased for the guys, especially Emery, he deserves a lot of credit. It's the football fixture I look forward to more than any other. I'm pessimistic, without a doubt but I'm also realistic. Our club isn't as ambitious as others, we aren't going to win titles and trophies every year. We should be competing for them, for sure; it just doesn't always work like that. My 'ambitions' are for us to finish in the 'top 4' in the Premier League and to beat and finish above Tottenham, that's all I ask for. The lads came up big today and we won 4-2, I am buzzing! I know a lot of people don't care or even understand football and the joy and emotions that it can bring but god, today felt fucking good.

I'm going to chill for the rest of the night. I want to have a bath and then I'm going to listen to some music, play some Final Fantasy and then fall asleep to some podcasts later. God, I sound ancient. I feel ancient. Tomorrow will officially be 'study day' and I'll finish my presentation and other bits and pieces that I need. We're picking up our dog tomorrow I think, at least that's what my mum said the other day, I'm pretty excited about that. I've never had a dog before, I hope he likes me.